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Boat Thieves

On average, a boat and/ or boat parts are stolen each year from the BMC facility. We recommend locking your boat using the wire lanyards.

Loading Zones

We have on record a Shire of Hornsby Executive Minute from 2000 that says: “Provision should be made for vehicular access to the Coop moorings.” The paint on the concreted driveway clearly shows a shared vehicle and pedestrian zone.

The swimming pool and playground are very popular. Please be careful when you load or unload your vehicle, taking special care when reversing.

Brooklyn Place Plan and Parking

In 1993, there were plenty of parking spaces.

Hornsby Shire Council is pursuing a place-based approach to working in our town centres and is developing a Brooklyn Place Plan.

Parking will be a key aspect of any Plan. The BMC has been actively engaged with Council on this matter for a number of years. See the links below to view BMC submissions since 2019 to the Place Planning process, Council administration and Councillors.

BMC to HSC-email to Mayor & Councillors April 2023
BMC to HSC- Parking-May Jul Oct 22


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