The Brooklyn Mooring Cooperative

The Brooklyn Mooring Cooperative is constituted under the NSW Co-operatives (Adoption of National Law) Act 2012, and operates in accordance with the Rules of Brooklyn Mooring Co-operative Ltd 2011, approved by NSW Fair Trading.

The Cooperative provides, maintains and operates facilities off McKell Park in Brooklyn NSW for mooring members’ boats. To be eligible, members must own or occupy a water access only property on the Hawkesbury River. The Cooperative is not a marina, but rather enables mooring for small commuter boats for up to 72 hours at a time. The facility provides a critical gateway to work and life for the river access only communities of the Lower Hawkesbury.

There are 135 members ‘hot berthing’ in the 73 mooring spots. Individual members do not have dedicated berths at the BMC facility. Any member may moor an approved boat at any vacant position. One boat may be moored for each membership held by a member.

To contact the BMC, please use the forms on the site or email, 

The Brooklyn Mooring Cooperative Ltd
ABN: 36 998 673 223