Waiting List

The development application for the BMC facility limits any expansion to accommodate more shareholders. Currently, there are 135 members who use 73 spots on the pontoons.

We continually monitor the use of the facility, which fluctuates from time to time over school holidays, summers and winters.

We maintain a waiting list. If you are interested in applying for membership of the BMC, please apply to join the list by filling in the form below. One application will correspond to one future membership if you are eligible when you reach the top of the list and a spot becomes available. A single membership can be in more than one name. Terms and Conditions to Join the Waiting List.

In June 2017, a letter was sent from the Secretary to all those already on the waiting list, assigning an individual identifier corresponding to the date the applicant was placed on the list. You can check your position by clicking on this link Waiting list pdf June 2020 and locating your identifier.

Please note that we sent letters to the addresses we had on file. If you did not receive a letter, contact the Secretary to correct the address and/or provide an email address so your identifier can be sent to you.

And irrespective of the number of names associated with the identifier, each identifier corresponds to one application, which in time and subject to eligibility, will become one membership.


Waiting List Request to Join

  • Please refer to point 4 of Terms and Conditions to Join the Waiting List.